About Us

EdLabs is an education research and development laboratory devoted to closing the racial achievement gap.

We know that eliminating racial and socioeconomic differences in educational achievement will also improve important life outcomes such as income, health, and incarceration rates.

We are an eclectic collection of scientists, educators, and implementers with diverse backgrounds and vast experience, generating ideas and implementing experiments that have the potential to transform education.

EdLabs has no political affiliation or agenda to promote. We squeeze truths from data. People may not always like what we discover, but we will disseminate our results no matter what we find.

EdLabs is not a traditional academic center or think tank, and we strive to be bolder, more effective, and more connected to the everyday challenges of school districts.

We do our best work with ambitious, reform-minded leaders who always place what is best for children over adult issues.

We aim to solve the problems that many others believe are intractable. Our ultimate goal is to close the achievement gap and to put ourselves out of business.