Denver Summit Schools Network

Denver Far Northeast
Denver Public Schools

2011 - 2012


If implemented with fidelity, can the five tenets of high-performing charters, identified through EdLabs' previous research, bring about dramatic improvement in student achievement in traditional public schools in Denver's Far Northeast?


Our previous research identified five tenets that are the main drivers of student achievement in the most-successful charter schools. The Apollo 20 turnaround study in Houston showed that injecting these five tenets in traditional public schools can dramatically raise student achievement.

Based on the Houston results, Denver embarked on a similar turnaround project in seven schools in the Far Northeast region of the city in 2011. At scale, the Denver Summit Schools Network will serve roughly 5,000 students in all grades between kindergarten and high school. Like the Apollo 20 project, this initiative incorporates high-impact practices drawn from top-performing New York City charter schools: an extended school day and year, the use of data to drive instruction, an intense focus on teacher and leadership talent, a culture of high expectations, and increased attention to small group tutoring and differentiating instruction to meet student needs.


This project is ongoing and analyses will be forthcoming.