PREP 4 Success

Nebraska, Michigan, Idaho, Alabama, and Georgia districts
Wireless Generation and Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools

2012 - 2014


Should teacher professional development and coaching models focus on what teachersknow or on what teachers do in the classroom to best bolster teacher performance and increase student achievement?


PREP 4 Success is designed to assess whether targeted professional development can increase student achievement and, if so, to identify whether it is more effective to target improvement around what teachers know or around what teachers do. Focusing on what teachers know encompasses the work teachers must prepare before they enter classrooms each day, including lesson planning, analyzing student data, and developing assessments. By contrast, professional development targeted to improve what teachers do focuses on their actions inside the classroom, including classroom management strategies, routines to differentiate instruction, and providing feedback to students.


This project is currently in process. Results will add to a limited body of research regarding the extent to which professional development influences teacher performance, if at all. It will provide important insights into how districts across the country should best leverage their teacher development dollars – which often represent a significant portion of school budgets – to improve teacher performance and boost student achievement.