Professional Development for Teachers

HISD Apollo 20
Elementary Schools

2011 - 2012


What is the best way to improve teacher performance to ensure that we can routinely develop active educators into highly effective teachers rather than having to continually rely on questionable selection processes in hopes of identifying the highest-potential candidates?


In partnership with the Success Charter Network and Uncommon Schools, HISD's Apollo 20 elementary schools are implementing two different professional development (PD) programs. We are evaluating these two distinct approaches to understand their respective impact on teacher performance and student achievement:

  • The Success Charter Network PD model first focuses on teachers' own knowledge and then coaches them specifically on content delivery within the classroom.
  • The Uncommon Schools PD model posits that because teaching is a performance occupation with little room for error in real time, teachers must practice and hone their skills regarding classroom routines and procedures in order to develop automaticity around certain key practices.


This project is ongoing. When it is complete, we will evaluate how each type of professional development program impacted standardized test scores.