School Turnaround in Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA
Springfield Public Schools,
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

2013 - 2014


If implemented with fidelity, can effective charter school policies, identified through EdLabs' previous research, bring about dramatic improvement in student achievement in traditional public schools in Springfield, Massachusetts?


Our previous research identified five tenets that are the main drivers of charter effectiveness, and the Apollo 20 turnaround in Houston showed that injecting these five tenets in traditional public schools can dramatically raise student achievement. Springfield Public Schools is partnering with EdLabs to monitor the implementation of these five tenets in five of their lower-performing, Level 4 schools. In Fall 2013, these schools will have a longer school day and year, tutoring for elementary, middle, and high-school students, improved facilities, a system for administering and reviewing interim assessments to effectively guide instruction, and a renewed and relentless focus on student achievement and success, led by the principals in the building.


Springfield's Forward 5 Schools are hiring full-time tutors!

The project is ongoing and analysis will be forthcoming.